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Ying-Hwa  grew up loving to draw.

YH as Child.jpg

After Ying-Hwa grew up she still couldn’t stop drawing so she decided to become an illustrator. Today, Ying-Hwa has illustrated over 30 books, many of which she collaborated with her husband Cornelius Van Wright (it made sense to Ying-Hwa that she should marry someone who also loves to draw).

YH Drawing.jpg

Ying-Hwa grew up loving to draw.

She drew on text books.

She drew on test sheets when she couldn’t remember the answer.

She drew on paper napkins.

She drew all over her

homework sheets.

YH Drawing  Rabbit.jpg

After years of immersing in the visual realm Ying-Hwa found herself writing down the magical world of her characters as they jump out of her imagination.

All of them seem to have a story to tell.

Ying-Hwa’s first author/illustrator book is

TEN BLOCKS TO THE BIG WOK (Lee & Low Books 2022). It takes you on a happy walk through Chinatown and promises to leave you ‘hungry for more’ after you read it.

Ying-Hwa loves to paint and draw anything that’s fun. From chatty goats to roaring trolls, singing monkeys to talking rabbits, spying cats to happy children, the sky’s the limit to Ying-Hwa’s imagination.

Ying-Hwa lives in New York City with her husband. They have two children. Her daughter Rebecca is the writer of The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Star Bright Books)  which Ying-Hwa illustrated. It is their first mother-daughter book together (well, except for Rebecca's second grade project which mom and dad both helped with).

YH Billy G.jpg

Ying-Hwa is always coming up with fun new stories and pictures!

-be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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